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  • How many seeds should I order?
    Let us know how many acres you have to work with and we will help you to determine the quantity and which variety to order.
  • Can I plant directly into the native soil?
    Get in touch with us so we can discuss details about your growing region. We will help you determine which variety will best thrive in your area with its specific photoperiods.
  • Is my region suitable for growing hemp?
    Hemp does well in most regions and there are varieties better suited for certain conditions (such as excessive humidity and rainfall during the early fall). Our head Agronomist will be happy to help you with choosing a variety that can handle the specific challanges and advantages of your region.
  • What is the process for ordering seed?
    Current legislation requires individuals or companies to hold a state issued, Farm Bill compliant industrial hemp license or registration to order. When we create your account you will need to provide us: (1) A copy of your hemp license. (2) A signed material transfer agreement. After the order is placed, we will send an invoice with payment instructions.
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